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Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
This site contains over 250,000 links to genealogy websites. It is time-consuming to look through with some links more useful than others. But it is a good place to search through to get an idea of what's out there. Besides websites, she links to articles and books for sale on each category.

The LDS Family History Library Site
This site has the IGI, Ancestral File, Pedigree Resource File, Vital Records Indexes, the 1880 British and U.S. censuses, 1881 Canadian census, and the U.S. Social Security Death Index as well as the Family History Library catalog. Learn what to do next with their well-researched research outlines.

National Archives and Records Administration Site
This is the repository for our country's government documents. A pull-down menu lists "genealogy." Click on that to get to the genealogy page. Also of interest here are ARC, the Archival Research Catalog, the Soundex Description, Microfilm Publications Online, and genealogy-related articles from their magazine, Prologue.

US Genweb
This volunteer-driven website has grown astronomically since 1996, when it first began. The information and depth varies for each county as volunteers maintain each county website. Some counties have managed to transcribe most of their county records, some have indexes available, all have people willing to do lookups, and all have a query section. An outstanding site!

ID a Photo – Site #1
This website provides a variety of ways to work with and identify old photos using internet resources. See also ID a Photo – Site #2 Family History Daily. This website discusses how to use Google Image Search for genealogy and family photos to expand your research.

Dead Fred Genealogical Archive
A free, fun photo genealogy research web site devoted to helping you visualize your heritage!

David Rumsey Map Collection
Browse over 86,000 collection maps and images online.

English Family History and Genealogy
Nathan W. Murphy, a professional genealogist in Salt Lake City, has created a large list of English family history links that has become popular throughout the English-speaking world.

Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)
This website allows you to type in names of towns or geographic features and will provide historical locations.

US Department of the Interior – Bureau of Land Management General Land Office Records
This website allows you to search by state and surname and will provide images of land titles, list of neighbors and has option of seeing where that general area is on Google Maps. See also Map My Land a blog that will help you understand the Township-Range System used by Bureau of Land Management.

Ancestral Search – Arkansas Genealogy
This site provides multiple links to websites associated with Arkansas genealogy – county cemeteries, websites, census and military records, county maps, court records, Native American records, Arkansas projects, societies and organizations, Arkansas personal and miscellaneous websites.

Genealogy in Time - online magazine (FREE)
This site provides a free newsletter, updates on genealogy websites and new digitized genealogy data, and a rare book search engine. Their two dedicated genealogy search engines are the most powerful free ones available on the internet. Combined, they search billions of free online genealogy records from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. There are also records from the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America.

Abundant Genealogy
Abundant Genealogy is a website sponsored by educator and author Thomas MacEntee. Check out the variety of FREE resources including the link to “Document Transcription Apps”.


Internet Archive
FREE downloadable books; use search bar to type in a word or phrase (“genealogy” or a family surname or a location) to focus your search. These digitized books can be read/searched online or downloaded in your choice of formats.

Allen County Library
FREE downloadable books. These digitized books can be read/searched online or downloaded in your choice of formats.

Ancestral Findings
FREE genealogy eBooks for reading online (no charge, but donations appreciated)

Irish Genealogy Books
FREE downloadable books about Irish genealogy and family histories.

Google E-Books
Type “genealogy” in the Google books search bar, then click on “ANY” from the menu bar, and select “FREE e-books” from the drop down menu to read and/or download. You can also stay with “Any” and if the book is not available as an eBook, you are given locations where the book can be purchased or found, including a link to WORLDCAT which will search holdings for libraries near you.

Hardcopy Books

The Family Tree Problem Solver: Tried-and-True Tactics for Tracing Elusive Ancestors
by Marsha Hoffman Rising

Land and Property Research in the United States
by E. Wade Hone

Adventures of Purse & Person – Virginia 1007 – 1624/5 (3 volumes)
by John Dorman et al

Complete Book of Emigrants: 1607-1660
Complete Book of Emigrants: 1661-1699
Complete Book of Emigrants: 1614-1775
by Peter Wilson Coldham

Podcasts & Blogs

A “Podcast” is an audio program, like a radio show, posted to the Internet to download and listen to using a pod catcher application on your digital device. You can also listen to them directly from the producer’s website on your computer. Lisa Louise Cooke has a good Frequently Asked Questions section on her website about podcasts.

Ben Franklin’s World
A podcast about early American history. It is a show for people who love history and for those who want to know more about the historical people and events that have impacted and shaped our present-day world. Sponsored by OMOHUNDRO INSTITUTE OF EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY & CULTURE, Leading Early American Scholarship Since 1943.

Extreme Genes
America’s Family History Show. Hosted by Scott Fisher and regular segments by David Allen Lambert, who has been on the staff of the New England Historic Genealogical Society since 1993 and is the Chief Genealogist for both NEHGS and and Tom Perry, Extreme Genes’ “Preservation Authority”.

Family History: Genealogy Made Easy Podcast
A step-by-step series for beginning genealogists – and more experienced ones who want to brush up or learn something new. Hosted by Lisa Louise Cooke.

Genealogy Gems
The Genealogy Gems Podcast helps you make the most of your family history research time by providing quick and easy-to-use research techniques. Producer and host Lisa Louise Cooke brings you the best websites, best practices and best resources available.

Family Tree Magazine
Hear about the best genealogy tools and tips directly from Family Tree Magazine’s editors and experts! Tune in to the Family Tree Magazine Podcast for a dose of genealogy education and fun.

Genealogy Guys
George G. Morgan and Drew Smith have been podcasting about genealogy since September 2005, when they launched the Genealogy Guys Podcast. Each episode includes the latest reviews and brief interviews. George and Drew delve into all kinds of topics that would interest every genealogist, from the beginner to the expert.

Genealogy Connection
Drew Smith connects the listener to some of the biggest names in the genealogical community, including researchers, writers, speakers, educators, entrepreneurs, technologists, librarians, and archivists. At the end of each interview, the interviewee recommends to the listener a book, a technology tool, and a methodological tip.

A “Blog” is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group that is written in an informal or conversational style. It is like a podcast that you read instead of listening to. If you want to get new posts automatically sent to your email, you have the choice to “subscribe” (FREE) – or you can just check your favorite blog websites periodically to see what is new.

Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems
Genealogy Gems is a multi-media platform where the website not only contains a blog but also a podcasts, videos and a seminar section. There is also a store as well where you will find books, guides and a section giving you special deals on products to help you with your family history research.

Ancestry Blog
Hosted on the website this blog has many different authors, including Tim Sullivan, Jasmine Rockow, Juliana Szucs, Erika Manternach and more besides. This blog will give you advice such as tips you can follow when you are on a road trip, when it is time to hire a professional genealogist and explain to you how your ancestors shaped modern day America.

Dick Eastman – Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter
Check both current article and archived materials.

Amy Johnson Crow
Amy is a certified genealogist with more than 20 years in the business and a member of both the Ohio Genealogical Society and the National Genealogical Society as well. She is also a series editor for the NGS Research Guides. On Amy’s blog you will learn all about the latest genealogy books and publications and how to search for your ancestors both online and offline. She will also share with you what she has learned through her many years of research.

Judy G. Russell – The Legal Genealogist
Advice to assist both new and experienced genealogists. Check her website for both current and archived articles.

Lorine McGinnis Schuze – Olive Tree Genealogy
Tutorials, genealogy book and application reviews, genealogy news, genealogy specials and more to help you find your family tree and ancestors.

James Tanner – Genealogy’s Star
James Tanner covers the technological side of genealogy. He explores the future of the computer and laptop, voice recognition through Apple and Microsoft, eBooks and what you can expect from genealogy search websites among other topics. He is also a co-author to many research guides such as how to find your British and German ancestors.

Kitty Cooper’s Blog
Lots of information on DNA (basics & advanced), resources for DNA, her favorite DNA blogs, and other genealogy tools, resources and information.

Genealogy Junkie
Lots of information on family history, genetic cousins, technology stuff, helpful links and downloads.

Webinars & Videos

A webinar is an educational, informative or instructional presentation that is made available online, usually as video or audio with slides.

One Name Guild Webinar Series
To learn more about methodology of surname research and get tips on how others go about their studies. These webinars are FREE and open to the public – so members and non-members alike are welcome. Non-members will be able to attend the webinar live and/or watch the recording for one week after the webinar broadcast. After that, the recordings will go behind the member pay wall, as a member’s only benefit.

Family Search & Family Search Family Tree Webinars
This link lists current and archived webinars and associated handouts that you can print out. These webinars are FREE and open to the public.

Legacy Family Tree Webinars
Click on Upcoming Live Webinars to review the list of upcoming topics and register for a FREE live webinar. You will get emails confirming your registration and reminding you of the webinar the day before and one hour prior to the presentation. Live webinars offer the option of typing in questions and registering for door prizes. Only Legacy Webinar paid subscribers can download the handouts before the program. Non-members will be able to attend the webinar live and/or watch the recording for one week after the webinar broadcast. After that, the recordings will go behind the member pay wall, as a member’s only benefit (free to members, charge for non-members).
Click on Webinar Library to review all previous webinars by topic or speaker. You can click on one to see the outline and a brief “teaser”. If you wish to download a webinar and handout to your own computer, you can purchase a digital download for less than $10.00. Learning Center (Click on the “variety of helpful freebies”link below) Most of us think of Ancestry as a paid resource, but they do offer a variety of helpful freebies, including a vast learning center. Some (but not all) of the webinars and resources place a focus on finding records on, but are still very helpful for general research.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is a popular video sharing website where registered users can upload and share videos with anyone able to access the site. You can watch YouTube videos on a variety of digital devices (computer, tablet, cell phone). You can search by title or keywords (example: genealogy) to bring up FREE videos that may be quick tips lasting a few minutes to formal webinars lasting over an hour. BYU (Brigham Young University), Ancestry, Legacy Software, and popular bloggers have postings you can search and learn from. Videos can be started, stopped or reversed by clicking on the play or pause icons in the lower left of the screen. You can also switch between small screen and full screen by clicking on the full screen symbol at the lower right of the screen or go forward or backwards by clicking and pulling on the timer bar.

YouTube Controls

Lisa Louise Cook’s Genealogy Gems Video Series

Thomas MacEntee’s Genealogy Do-Over Video Series

Another access to The Genealogy Do-Over Series

Dear Myrtle Video Series

BYU Family History Library

Crista Cowan the Barefoot Genealogist
( Video Series Type “Crista Cowan” into the search bar.

Genealogy Toolboxs

Genealogy toolboxes are collections of FREE useful references pooled into a single location.

Thomas MacEntee

Free Handy Tools for Genealogists

Caroline Gurney Historical Research Toolbox

Irish Genealogy Toolbox

Scottish Genealogy Toolbox

Slovakia Genealogy Toolbox