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VGS Board

Front Row (L to R): Kay Cantrell, Cheri Heinrich, Mary Adams
Back Row (L to R): Roger Stephens, Barbara Pinkney, Celinda Chapman, Sue Barber, Mitzi Hunter, Susan Read
(not pictured) Barrie Gauthier, Nancy Holder

How to Contact Your Board Members Elected for the Current Year

Village Genealogical Board 2018-19
Office Name Phone Number eMail Address
President Mary Adams (501) 226-5678 Mary Adams
VP-Membership Barrie Gauthier (501) 922-1387 Barrie Gauthier
VP-Programs Kay Cantrell (501) 922-1785 Kay Cantrell
Asst. VP-Programs Cheri Heinrich (815) 212-2476 Cheri Heinrich
Treasurer Roger Stephens (501) 226-0140 Roger Stephens
Secretary Susan Read (501) 209-4462 Susan Read
Asst. Secretary Sue Barber (501) 209-0681 Sue Barber
Newsletter Editor Nancy Holder (608) 692-0162 Nancy Holder
Asst. Newsletter Editor Mitzi Hunter (501) 915-9918 Mitzi Hunter
Immediate Past President Barbara Pinkney (501) 915-8446 Barbara Pinkney
Chair - Breakfast Meeting Standing Committee Celinda Chapman (501) 545-6790 Celinda Chapman
Chair - Website Standing Committee (Recruiting)

Board meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at 12:00 p.m. at Debra’s Good Eats restaurant on Carmona Drive and are open to Board members and invited guests. If you wish to attend a Board meeting or bring an issue before the Board, please contact the President to make arrangements.

A list of member contact information (based on preferences selected at time of joining or renewal) is compiled annually and will be sent out via the GENSOC gmail to members for the current year.

For Webmaster questions please contact the VGS Board President.

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